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Oct 8, 2012 7:00pm EDT
adds meaning to the values this country was founded upon. >> president obama and mitt romney face off again next tuesday in the second of three debates. >>> and in virginia's u.s. senate race, tonight former governors, george allen and tim kaine, will square off in a debate sponsored by the aarp of virginia and the league of women voters. that gets going in just under an hour, 8:00, right down in richmond. you can watch it live on our website, >>> you may have noticed these controversial ads up in the metro stations today. critics say they equate muslims to savages and a judge ruled the transit agency must display the american freedom defense initiatives commercials or ads. they are being posted as georgia avenue stations. >>> and there's a consumer alert tonight for all of you with gelato. giant is pulling chocolate peanut butter cup gelato off the shelf. that peanut butter may be contaminated. if you have this at your house, throw it away or you can take it back to giant for a refund. >>> all right, top, we've had a rough day in the last couple of days. is it going to get
Oct 14, 2012 10:30am EDT
, my god! >> i think president obama-- and we have had our agreement on president obama's policies-- kyle to the city intent on trying to find compromise. and he found senator demint and senator mcconnell who said their first priority was to take them down. it was the first major piece of social legislation which passed-- correct me if i'm wrong-- without a single opposition party vote. i think we're looking at a redistricting. the flood of money posted since citizens united. demographic shifts and i would like to see a real republican party, but we don't have one at the moment. we have an extremist republican party. there are-- the moderate republicans are an and i think breed. and i think that is dangerous and unhealthy. >> it's interesting that you're concerned about the republican party. i think that's very, very engaging of you, but you know what? this republican party is as strong and energetic and excited about guiding and directing there country as i have ever seen it in 20 years. the energy out there is similar to what we had with reagan. there's no question it's more-- >>
Oct 8, 2012 7:00am EDT
barack obama was not the only candidate for president to have a bad debate experience. in that first debate between john ken dean nixon, nixon despite his years in the senate and his time as vice president came off more poorly on tv than the less experienced kennedy and a new tape showed that poor performance lingered with nixon for years to come. >> would be difficult to cover it in 2 1/2 minutes. >> this is the debate that richard nixon couldn't live down. >> which party do we want to lead the united states. mr. nixon do you want to comment on that statement? >> have no comment. >> going head-to-head with john kennedy in 1960, nixoning looked uncomfortable compared to a relaxed kennedy. nixon lamented that performance in a candid conversation with his white house chief of staff. >> remember, even on the first debate. we made the mistake of not -- for that one. well, or -- we got prepared. worked like hell. >> but you didn't have time -- >> nixon never made that mistake again not when he ran in 1968. >> nixon didn't want to debate in '68 because he had the experience of 1960 behind
Oct 15, 2012 12:00pm EDT
my homework. >> reporter: the obama campaign says the president will be more energetic this time around and the romney team is getting ready for a more aggressive opponent. ohio senator robb portman is playing the role of president obama during romney's debate prep. >> president obama will come out swipging. i think he will have to compensate for a poor first debate. >> reporter: mitt romney's performance in the first debate impacted the race. his favorability numbers among voters jumped and the polls tightened. a new national poll shows the race is effectively a tie with the president just one point ahead of romney. the republican nominee is also gaining ground in the battleground states. >> expectations are higher for him in this debate than the first debate. he has to come out maintaining the momentum he had in the first debate. >> reporter: questions from the audience, it will abtown hall -- be a town hall format. something the president is familiar with. he's held more than 50 down halls during his time in office. susan mcginns in, cbs news, washington. >> tomorrow's debate
Oct 15, 2012 7:00am EDT
to massachusetts to do debate prep too. and the man who has been playing president obama in governor romney's mock debates, ohio senator rob portman said over the weekend the main change they made to their debate prep is that they are getting ready, charlie, for a more aggressive president obama. >> nancy cordes, thank you. frank luntz is a republican strategist and cbs news political analyst. good morning. aggressive. what does that mean and what risks are there for the president? >> if i am barack obama, i'm focusing on one number. 47%. and i'm trying to drive that home as much as i possibly can, particularly because it's a live studio audience and they are the ones asking the questions. which one of you think you fall in the 47% and governor romney who do you represent here and who do you not? and if i'm mitt romney i'm going to talk about in two words you deserve, you deserve to get your questions answered, mr. president you were asked a direct question and you chose to attack me. how will you work with congress when all you do is take. >> is this format easier for one or the oth
Oct 12, 2012 7:00am EDT
in the senate vote against his budget. to say romney has to be the bigger standard than obama. >> obama put up a plan. >> we have to end this here. you certainly make tonight more interesting. >> absolutely. the debate continues. nice to see both of you. >>> and we want to go now to an update i should say of that girl whose become a hero around the world. this 14-year-old girl shot by the pakistani taliban for speaking out against them. a source inside pakistan's intelligence community tells that two people including an important suspect are now in custody. the source would not say if either of them is the gunman. elizabeth palmer is reporting from islamabad. >> reporter: malala yousufzai is still unconscious, she's on a ventilator in a military hospital near islamabad. but a family friend scribes a brain scan is offering a ray of hope. a single bullet entered her head but only grazed her brain and lodged in her chest cavity. doctors did surgery to relieve the appreciate. the next 36 hours are critical to her survival and well being. all of pakistan is outraged at this act of
Oct 8, 2012 5:00pm EDT
office. need help defending them. >> polls show voters favor obama. dedicating a national monument to latino labor leader, cesar chavez. >>> the league of women voters are sponsoring tonight's debate between george allen and tim kaine. they both want jim webb's senate seat. that debate is expected at 8:00. you can watch it live at >>> the u.s. marine ban and corps color guard took part in a special columbus day celebration. marks the 150th anniversary of the national columbus memorial in front of union station. unveiled that statue in 1912. the national park service along with the national columbus celebration association and other groups sponsored today's event. >>> and if you were sitting along that band, you could hear people saying, we are cold, man. it's not supposed to be this cold. >> feels like november, doesn't it? >> cold november rain. with cold november rain here, i want to take you to snow shoe. check this out. their first snow of the season. oh, i get excited. isn't that good stuff, derek? >> i'm getting worked up. >> if you're a skier, it's good stuff. it's n
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7